1. Wensum Park - Norwich

  2. jammyphoto:

    Walking round norwich and found this nice view

    (Source: natural--lines)

  3. I decided to join the photography course this year as it seemed like a good progression from the photography course that I attended at college, I had originally thought about trying to set up as a photographer strait after college and also have a regular job at the same time but after looking at all the options I felt that going to university would make me a better and possibly a more successful photographer and also open lots of opportunities to my self that I would otherwise not of had if I decided to not attend university.

    I chose to study photography as I find that it is one of the best outlets for my creativity, I enjoy being able to capture a moment from my perspective and use this physical representation as a record to share with others and also being able to share with many different cultures and languages as It is an art form that can be appreciated and understood regardless of language.

    After completing the BA course I haven’t decided completely what I would like to do, I would like to go strait into employment within the industry possibly working for a high-end magazine as I would prefer to work with a team with other creative people rather than going freelance working for my self, I have also had a look at the MA courses and they look quite appealing but I will have to have a more in-depth look at them closer to graduation from the 3rd year.

    For my ‘Here I am’ image (image on this post) I thought the best idea to do would be a self portrait but I wanted it to be more interesting than just a bog standard image of my self so I decided to include something that I’m interested in as well as find an interesting looking location, so I decided to include my bike in the image as this is one of the things I do as a hobby/pastime and because I don’t know Norwich well I had to scout a location and I came across the band stand in chapel field gardens, I chose this location as the sides of the bandstand act as a frame for the image and the trees created a simple interesting backdrop once blurred by using a large aperture.

  4. Ben

    All Photography by myself

  5. "Ben"

    All Photography by myself